Inventory Expert is an independent inventory company specialising in inventory reports, check out reports, landlord advice and tenancy information. Based in Cardiff, our inventories are full, factual documents detailing every fixture, fitting & furnishing along with an in-depth schedule of condition. Our check out reports detail every difference between the inventory issued at the beginning of the tenancy & the state of the property at the end. Protect your investment and instruct an Inventory Expert!

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  • All deposits for ASTs signed after 6th April 2007 must be protected.
  • Protection is either by custodial scheme or insurance.
  • Disputes will be settled by an independent board or go to court.
  • Judges consider a well-written inventory to be the BEST evidence.

Letting Agents

  • Use your time more efficiently by outsourcing your inventories.
  • Inventories drawn up by an independent specialist are unbiased.
  • In a dispute case an accurate, fair schedule of condition will be favoured.
  • Offer this additional service to potential clients to gain instructions.



  • Your landlord or agent must tell you how your bond is being protected.
  • If they don’t, they will not be able end your tenancy via the usual way.
  • Protect yourself by asking for an independently written inventory.
  • Make sure you know your rights under the new laws.

Compliance with new legislation

  • Avoid costly disputes
  • Tranparent Process

Landlords and letting agents – it is illegal to hold bonds for contracts signed after 6th April 2007 unless you have subscribed to a Government-authorised scheme. Tenants – when signing contracts, you must find out what scheme your landlord or letting agent is operating with.

Experienced Trained Clerks

  • Investment Safeguard
  • Minimise Risk

It is important that all lettings businesses use the services of a suitable independent inventory clerk, to impartially record in detail the condition of a property at the beginning and end of every tenancy. Inventory Expert is here to answer any questions you have about new laws which affect every person involved in the lettings business.